Who are we?

Promotional centre has been in the industry of creating solutions to clients needs where we specialise in the following areas of business in helping our clients reach there clients and in a effort to help save money to our clients through our extensive network and our overseas offices.

Promotional centre over the last 2 years has expanded into print media and have along with our Australian partners also teamed up with one of the largest printers in China in a effort to give our clients the best of both worlds.

Not only does Promotional Centre offer products with your companies logo on them we work closely to help you get products which will help you be at the front of your clients minds when they need you.

Promotional Centre also provides items such as school uniforms, club teamwear through our Nike distribution agreement, Caps, Pens, Drink bottles, pop up display units for large retail companies, Technology products such as USB's, Powerbanks and Ipad accessories and many of the normal promotional products which have become everyday use in our lives over the last 10 years.