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What Women Want: The Best Promotional Products For Females

Women are the driving force behind 70-80% of all consumer purchases, thanks to their combined buying power and influence. If you’re not luring them with promotional products women love, or enticing them to make a purchase by including ‘a little extra something’, you could be leaving money on the table. Remember – women consumers create the Multiplier Effect: as the primary caregivers […]

15 Edible Promotional Products to Help Sweeten a Deal

Offering prospects and customers free edible promotional products is a cost-effective way to entice them to take an action, such as signing up for a newsletter, leaving an online review, referring a friend, or interacting with your business Facebook Page. Sweet treats also make great ‘just because’ gifts to surprise new clients, reward old ones for repeat business, […]

5 Refreshingly Simple Traditional Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Digital marketing moves at the speed of light. When you’re over-subscribed to every marketing education newsletter on the planet, it’s easy to go into overwhelm… You feel like you need to do everything to keep up with competitors, but end up doing nothing because “it’s all too hard” and you “don’t know where to start” […]